Apostasy & Troubling Trends
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bullet-red-dot.gif (960 bytes) WHAT? Just plain odd
Eastern Orthodox and the Bible Answer Man with Eric Barger and Jill Martin Rische


bullet-red-dot.gif (960 bytes) The Emergent Church/Postmodernism
The Errors of the Emergent Church by Eric Barger
Is Your Church New Age, Emergent, or Christian? by Eric Barger
How to Spot the Emergent Church by Eric Barger   (* Go here for printable tri-fold pamphlet)
Validity of the Bible, Emergent Heresy, and Sound Doctrine - "Christ in Prophecy" TV series with Dr. David Reagan and Nathan Jones)
Understanding the 'New,' Truly Confused Evangelicals (pt1) by Eric Barger
The 'New,' Confused Evangelicals - What to Watch For (pt2) by Eric Barger
The New, Confused Evangelicals - "Understanding the Times" Radio with Eric Barger and Larry Lutzler
(Listen online or download as an MP3 file)
What are some concerns of American pastors? - part 1 Olive Tree Video Series 2013 with Eric Barger
What is the primary concern facing the Evangelical Church today? - part 2 Olive Tree Video Series 2013 with Eric Barger
Advice for pastors on confronting divergent or aberrant teaching - part 3 Olive Tree Video Series 2013 with Eric Barger
Eric interviews Pastor, filmmaker, and author, Joe Schimmel, on his terrific documentary The Submerging Church. All 4 parts of this "Take A Stand! Radio" series are archived here. Order the CD set with Joe Schimmel here.
Resources exposing the Emergent Church philosophy relating to issues inside The Church of the Nazarene
Apostasy's Results: The Scattering of the Sheep - Understanding the Times Radio with Eric Barger and Jan Markell
(Listen online or download as an MP3 file)
The Growth of "Spiritual Formation" Programs in Evangelical Seminaries and Colleges by John Haller
Confused about "kingdom circles" and the convolution of commonality of religions instead of the exclusivity of Christian faith? Here are two resources. Elijah Abraham's video "Why 'Kingdom Circles' are Blasphemous" (Watch) and  Elijah Abraham with Eric Barger on "Understanding the Times" August, 2014 (Listen).
The Seductive Poison of Apostasy - A Review of the New Nazarene Book 180 by Eric Barger
Putting Apostates in Their Place - Eric Barger and Dr. David Reagan comment on a New York Times op-ed by two heretical Nazarene professors, Dr. Karl Giberson and Dr. Randall Stephens
Heaven, Hell, and Emergent Heresy By Eric Barger
Discernment Isn't An Option By Eric Barger
Surprise, Surprise, Brian McLaren aligns with New Age Leaders by Eric Barger
Mike Bickle's Fascination with Catholic Mystics and Contemplative Spirituality
What's So Bad About the Emergent Church? - Understanding the Times Radio with Eric Barger and Jan Markell
(Listen online or download as an MP3 file)
What is the Emergent Church? (Clip excerpted from Eric's video)
Emergent Church and Nazarenes (Clip excerpted from Eric's video)
"Strange Disciplines" from Christianity Today By Eric Barger
Partial List of Contemplative/Mystics recommended by Christianity Today
Blessed Are The Compromisers? By Eric Barger
Report on Emerging Leader Brian McLaren's "Everything Must Change" Conference by Pastor Chris Bayer
The Emerging Church: Revival of Return to Darkness by Roger Oakland
Jim Spencer on The Emergent Church
The Emergent Mormon Church by Ed Decker

Failure to Translate: Muslim-Sensitive Bible Translations

Listen to the Take A Stand! Radio Series on Chrislam and Failure to Translate (aired Feb/March 2012)
'Muslim Friendly' Bible Translations: Round Two
The Verdict on Wycliffe Bible Translators (aired nationally on May, 2013)
Book Review from David Irvine of Muslims, Christians, and Jesus by Carl Medearis
Emergent Leaders and School Children follow “his holiness” the Dalai Lama to Seattle
Is Postmodernism a Myth? by Sean McDowell


bullet-red-dot.gif (960 bytes) The Shack
The Death of Discernment - How The Shack Became the #1 Bestseller in Christianity By Eric Barger
Eric Barger Exposes the Truth about The Shack in this important DVD
Eric Barger and Dr. James B. De Young discuss The Shack on Take A Stand! TV
Eric Barger and Dr. James B. De Young discuss Paul Young's OTHER Books on Take A Stand! TV
Articles about The Shack - by Dr. James B. DeYoung
Paul Young, Author of The Shack, Rejects Biblical Substitutionary Atonement by John Lanagan
Dr. Al Mohler on The Shack ("Right click" link to download MP3 audio file.)
The Shack: : Helpful or Heretical? A Critical Review by Dr. Norman Geisler and Bill Roach


bullet-red-dot.gif (960 bytes) Liberalism, Seeker, Purpose Driven, etc.
The MOST Dangerous Cult
Examining the Purpose Driven Philosophy (complete 30 page report on "Purpose Driven")
Discernment or Deception: Which Will You Choose? - Take A Stand! Radio and video clip
Eric Hosts "Understanding the Times" Radio (5/14/2011) on "Covenant" theology and the problematic book "The Hole in Our Gospel"
Eric Hosts "Understanding the Times" Radio (5/7/2011) on Spiritual Liberalism/The Most Dangerous Cult

Eric Hosts "Understanding the Times" Radio (5/7/2011) on Divorced From Church/The Price Pastors Pay

Divorced From Church - How Apostasy is Scattering the Sheep
More on "Divorced From Church"
Manny Silva on "Divorced From The Church
The Deception of Chrislam (Video Intro Clip 12:01 Min)
The Deception of Chrislam (Article)
Book Review from David Irvine of Muslims, Christians, and Jesus by Carl Medearis
Where Are Evangelicals Heading?
Putting Apostates in Their Place
More Troubling Endorsements from Rick Warren

Zondervan to Discontinue the Original NIV Bible

Leith Anderson "Fiddles" (with Marxists) While the Church Burns
The Hole in Our Gospel? - Why Richard Sterns Misses the Mark - a critique by Pastor Paul Van Noy
Problems with Covenant Theology - Pastor Paul Van Noy
Limited Inerrancy in the Church of the Nazarene by Manny Silva
Tony Campolo Said What???
Evangelicals Courting the Mormons? by Eric Barger
Warren, Hybels and others affirm that Jehovah and Allah are One at Yale by Eric Barger
Just When I Thought I Could Say Amen (Is the "Isa" of Islam the Jesus of the Bible?)
More on "Just When I Thought I Could Say "Amen" by Eric Barger
Let's Review - Another Look at Rick Warren  by Eric Barger
Rick Warren to Speak at Islamic Society Convention, July 2009 by Eric Barger
Christianity: Extreme Makeover Version:
The Modern Church Growth Movement - Growing the Wrong Way
by Eric Barger
Our Disturbing Spiritual Condition - The "feel good" gospel lets people down  ("Purpose Driven Philosophy")
Will They Say of Us... "They WERE the Evangelicals?"  (Repentance and the "Purpose Driven Philosophy")
Handling Disunity - Rick Warren's Way
The Common Ground of Rick Warren & Mitt Romney
Rick Warren Should Have Rejected Obama's Offer by Eric Barger
Willow Creek Admits "Seeker Sensitive" a Failure
Mormons Are Christians? Joel Osteen Declares that Romney's "Jesus is Our Jesus
The Sons of Belial Are Among Us - When Leaders Mislead and "Close" Becomes Acceptable
Calvary Chapel (Pastor Chuck Smith) denounces and warns of the "Emerging Church" movement
Entertained to Death? - Is seeker-driven entertainment a viable option for growing your Church?
Leaders from Hell? by Eric Barger
Tony Campolo: In His Own Words by Manny Silva
An Evangelical Response to "An Evangelical Manifesto" by Albert Mohler
Why I am NOT Signing the "Evangelical Manifesto" by Richard Land
"Evangelical" MELTDOWN as Christians agree on inviting Muslim clerics into church pulpits! Can Global Religion be far behind?


bullet-red-dot.gif (960 bytes) Issues of Discernment and the "Gotcha" Apologists
When Discernment Turns Ugly by Eric Barger

Eric Barger a "Catholic"??? Huh? by Eric Barger

Clearing up the Misconceptions about The Apostles Creed - Could it be Catholic? by Eric Barger

The Apostles Creed and the Discerners a video response by Eric Barger

The Misconceptions of Apologetics Ministry by Eric Barger

Is hyper-critical name calling REALLY contending for the Faith? by Eric Barger


bullet-red-dot.gif (960 bytes) "The Message" Bible
The Message “bible” inserts earth reverence, God of “green” hope - John Lanagan
The Messages Deletes Homosexuality as a Sin - John Lanagan
The Message Perverts Psalm 1 - John Lanagan


bullet-red-dot.gif (960 bytes) The NIV Bible Controversy
Zondervan to Discontinue the Original NIV Bible
NIV also problem now, not just The Message - by John Lanagan


bullet-red-dot.gif (960 bytes) Creation/Evolution
Isn't Evolution Based on Science and Creation Just a Religious Belief?  by Jay Seegert
Are Public School Science Teachers Actually Lying to Our Children? - Jay Seegert
Science and Religion Aren't Friends?  by Dr. Al Mohler
Choosing Evolution Over The Bible
Putting Apostates in Their Place  by Eric Barger and Dr. David Reagan
Open Theism and “Christian” Evolution At Eastern Nazarene College?


bullet-red-dot.gif (960 bytes) Open Theism
Matt Slick on refuting Open Theism - Great info here!
Open Theism answered from
Open Theism - from an open theist viewpoint
Three primary proponents of Open Theism
Open Theism and “Christian” Evolution At Eastern Nazarene College?


bullet-red-dot.gif (960 bytes) Universalism, or "Inclusionism" in the Church
Is EVERYONE Already Saved? - Some thoughts on Universal Reconciliation of "Christian Universalism
Universalism: Is Everyone ALREADY Saved?
The "Universal" Mistake
The Gospel of Inclusion (Universalism in the Church)
Carlton Pearson's "Inclusionism" Heresy
Doctrines of Demons by Dr. David Shibley


bullet-red-dot.gif (960 bytes) The End of the World?
Oh Great! Today is the end of the World? by Eric Barger
Judgment Day??? - I'm scheduled to preach that day! by Eric Barger
The Worst Thing Imaginable! (RE: Harold Camping and the May 21 end-of-the-world prophecy)
Silence is NOT an Option! - Harold Camping and the relevancy of Bible Prophecy
Will This Ship of Fools Sink May 22? by Jan Markell
The End of the World in Coming Again by Ed Decker
Harold Camping - The Madness of Date Setting by Dr. David Reagan
The End is Near? - The False Teaching of Harold Camping by Dr. Albert Mohler
Dr. Mark Hitchcock on the factors involved in 2012 and the Mayan Calendar Controversy


bullet-red-dot.gif (960 bytes) The Alpha Course
Alpha Course info links from Lighthouse Trails
The New Age of Alpha by Dusty Peterson


bullet-red-dot.gif (960 bytes) The Harbinger
America's Legacy: Will We Heed "The Harbinger?" by Eric Barger
The Harbinger: Fact, Fiction, Confusion, & Reality - Answering the Controversy
When Christians Engage in Blood Sport by Jan Markell & Eric Barger
An Open Letter to The Berean Call by Dwight Douville, Senior Pastor, Calvary Chapel of Appleton, Wis.
Why Is This Message Controversial? by Jan Markell Including The Harbinger: A Review by Terry James of Rapture Ready

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