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Concerning the Opposition Discerners Often Receive... (For more: see Eric Barger's Facebook post from early on January 6, 2015)

This is a very interesting day for the Body of Christ when confusion reigns and much of the opposition at least CLAIMS to come from within the Church. The popularity of authors and teachers sadly holds more sway and trumps the Bible in the thinking of many here in the Postmodern age.

The real issue in nearly every case or controversy concerning discernment issues or apologetics boils down to exactly what position the Bible occupies in our thinking and decision making. Discernment and apologetics is viewed as anathema by the Church Growth gurus who have infected many of the leaders in this current generation. Many in the congregations around us have never been taught the Scriptural concept of "test everything." Instead of insulating their people from false doctrines and beliefs by way of biblical truths and precepts, many bent on changing the Church into what THEY want now regularly mock and disdain the discerners, the prophecy teachers, and others branded as "doom and gloom" merchants. They've been told that "Seeker Sensitive," "Positive," "Self Improvement," "Here-and Now," and of course "Purpose Driven" approaches will guarantee the seats are filled, the offerings are substantial, and will leave congregations ecstatic from all the spiritual goose bumps they'll experience - even though the power of the Gospel has been voided.

Today, precious few have little or no understanding of the command of testing all that is taught as a message from God by using Scripture. I'm reminded of what a wise pastor remarked to me early one Sunday a few years ago. That is that a pastor only receives in his congregation what he has cultivated in them from the pulpit. People never taught to discern likely won't think much of it which is why we are suffering from a stunning lack of discernment among professing evangelicals today.

Some are simply adverse to employing discerment because doing as the Bible says concerning it might lead them to conclusions they simply do not want to face. It does tend to shake one up when it's realized that those in the Church's "cult of personality" who've been telling you for years that the Gospel is out of date are actually the problem in our midst instead of the solution.
- I Thess. 5:21-22
- Isaiah 30:9-11

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