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The Church of the Nazarene and the Emergent Church

Don't give up! You are NOT alone. There are several groups of biblical Nazarenes who are fighting Emergent doctrine and practice and we're being contacted by more folks fed up with the liberal heresy in their churches and universities literally every day. These include Nazarene pastors, evangelists, lay people and others.

Below are many resources to educate and update concerned Christians about The Emergent Church in general a more specifically, the Church of the Nazarene.

One note...Emergent philosophy and error is not confined to just one denomination. It is widespread and growing. So, it is imperative that we vigorously expose it. Remember: souls are at stake!


Putting Apostates in Their Place (Eric Barger and Dr. David Reagan comment on a New York Times op-ed by two heretical Nazarene professors, Dr. Karl Giberson and Dr. Randall Stephens)

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Nazarenes in Crisis as Orlando Showdown Looms - Press Release from "Concerned Nazarenes" RE: Nazarene General Assembly 2009

Request CDs of Southwest Radio Church Programs featuring biblical Nazarenes who are resisting Emergent teaching in their denomination (aired nationally April 20-22, 2009)

Petition for disclosure of stance on "Emergent Church: by General Superintendent of The Church of the Nazarene

Concerned Nazarenes
Helping Nazarene's unite to save their Church from Emergent heresy

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"The Errors of the Emergent Church" - Eric Barger

"Report on the 'Everything Must Change' Conference" - Chris Bayer

"How to Spot the Emergent Church - Is the 'NEW' Liberalism Affecting YOUR Congregation?" - by Eric Barger
* Includes link to a printable tri-fold pamphlet

Excerpt from Eric Barger's video (What is the Emergent Church?)

Excerpt from Eric Barger's video (Emergent Church and Nazarenes)

Excerpt from Nazarene General Superintendant Dr. James Diehl @ Grove City, OH Ordination Service, Spring 2009

Dr. Diehl on False Doctrines, March 2009

Nazarenes and the Authority of the Bible: 1908-1988: Eighty Years of Changing Definitions In the Church of the Nazarene - Dr. Daryl McCarthy

Limited Inerrancy in the Church of the Nazarene   newanim.gif (2364 bytes)

The late Dr. Walter Martin nails "Emergent Church" before Emergent - GREAT Video clip

Nazarenes for Biblical Creationism

This is Where the Battle is...

On July 24, 1776, John Wesley wrote a strong rebuke of a tract written by a skeptic and deist (Soame Jenyns) which undermined biblical inerrancy. In his journal it states: “If he (Jenyns) is a Christian, he betrays his own cause by averring that ‘All Scripture is not given by inspiration of God, but the writers of it were sometimes left to themselves, and consequently made some mistakes.’”

Wesley went on to say, “Nay, if there be any mistakes in the Bible there may as well be a thousand. If there be one falsehood in that book, it did not come from the God of truth.”

Let that be an answer to all that Wesley did indeed believe in the inerrancy of the Scriptures.

So, how is it that so many Nazarene brethren do not? It is simply because, to the chagrin of Bible-believing Nazarenes, those in control of the denomination and many of those privileged to teach in their Bible colleges and seminary have chosen to believe that God either could not transmit to the writers accurately or has not faithfully preserved His precious Word. They have chosen to be esteemed in the eyes of "intellectuals" rather than God and are poisoning the next generation of Nazarene pastor and layperson in the process.

- Eric Barger
www.ericbarger.com (Feb. 18, 2011)


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