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Updated  March 9, 2016

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we may not find total agreement with everything all these sites offer or believe. These links are a service to you.

Apologetics - Discernment - Islam - Cults - Creation/Evolution
(Exposing Cults, the Occult and Emergent, Liberalism, Purpose Driven and other movements inside the Church)

Saints Alive in Jesus
Ed Decker

Mazeministry / Beyond Mormonism
Jim Spencer

Olive Tree Ministries
Jan Markell - "Understanding the Times"

Walter Martin's Religious InfoNet
Kevin & Jill Martin Rische

Creation Education Center
Jay Seegert

Reasoning From the Scriptures
Dr. Ron Rhodes

Glory Ministries
David Benoit

Stand Up For The Truth
Mike LeMay/David Fiorazo Q90FM

David Fiorazo

Contender's Radio
Kevin Inman

Erick Stakelbeck
Security expert on ISIS and terrorism

Biblical Missiology
Georges Houssney

Living Oasis Ministries
Elijah Abraham

Bringing Back the Black Robed Regiment
Dan Fisher

Culture Watch
Bill Muehlenberg

His Nature TV
Larry Watts

Dr. Stan Fleming

My Word Like Fire
John Lanagan

Concerned Nazarenes
Helping Nazarene's unite to save their Church from Emergent heresy

Nazarene Leaves Denomination
Another Nazarene stands against Emergent Liberalism

(ok. sound it out...then click)

Keith and Lori MacGregor
Reaching out to JWs, etc in Canada

Arabic Voice Network
Reaching Muslims Across America

Answering Islam

(Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry)

The Gospel Information Pages
Because JW's Deserve the Truth! - (Good info here folks! EB)

Youth Fire - Gregory R. Reid

Christian Ministries International (Jude3.com)
Dr. Ron Carlson

Ephesians 5:11 Ministries - Larry Kunk

Imagine Freedom Today
Carol Carruthers

Victory Through Jesus
Dr. Charles Evans

Kim Olson

Lighting the Way
Dwayna Litz

Voice of the Remnant
Pastor Bruce Sikes

Watchman Fellowship

(Christian Answers for the New Age)

Catholic Concerns
A former Catholic Nun answers questions and exposes the truth that ritual Catholicism CANNOT save.

Hinduism International Ministries
Winning Hindu's for Christ - Jared Jenkins

Ellen White Exposed
"Bringing you the latest research on Ellen G. White and problems in the SDA church."

Refuge Ministries
Jeff Harshbarger

Good News for the Crescent World
Great, easy to use info on comparing Islam and Christianity

CULTure Shock Solution Ministries

The Children's Bread
Help with receiving deliverance - great information

Christian Worldview Outreach

Courageous Christians United
Rob Sivulka

Richard Lee Ministries
Dr. Richard Lee

Tutors for Christ
Jean Eason


Christian Conferences

Understanding the Times - Minneapolis, MN

Columbus (OH) Prophecy Conference

Red River Bible Prophecy Conference - Fargo/Moorhead

CMTA - Los Angeles, CA

Great Lakes Bible Prophecy Conference - Appleton, WI

Calgary Israel Bible Prophecy Conference - Calgary, Canada

Learn to Discern Conference - Abbotsford, BC, Canada


Prophecy, Archeology & Current Events

Olive Tree Ministries
Jan Markell - "Understanding the Times"

Lamb and Lion Ministries
Dr. David Reagan

Southwest Radio Church Ministries

Prophecy Depot
Bill Salus

John Haller's Prophecy Update
John Haller

Hope for the World
Gary Kah

World Watch Daily - Koenig International News
Bill Koenig

End Times TV
Pastor Tom Hughes

Prophecy Matters
Jim Fletcher

The World of the Bible
Dr. Randall Price

Brian Sussman
Right Thinking from the Left Coast

Discovery Ministries
Dr. Gary Frazier

Joel C. Rosenberg
News and Insight on Israel and the Middle East

Bringing Back the Black Robed Regiment
Dan Fisher

Behold Israel
Amir Tsarfati

The Things to Come
Mare Danielsen

Rapture Ready Radio
Matt Buff

The Rapture Forums


Ministries - General

Aneko Press
Jeremiah Zieset

Scott Volk - Together For Israel
My awesome Messianic friend!

Tisha Michelle
Simply the BEST Guide in Israel!

Steering Wheel Ministries
God's ministry to truckers in the Western US!

Intermountain Christian News
Dr. Anthony Harper

Bible News Radio
Randall and Stacy Harp

Salvation for Israel
Helping bring the Gospel to the Holy Land

Dennis Jernigan
Shepherd's Heart Music - Awesome Worship Music!

Dennis Jernigan
Help and Hope for Homosexuals
(* Be sure and read D.J.'s powerful testimony)

Displaced Orphans International
Greg Wineman is a man on a mission!

Larry Siemans Ministries

Expounder Ministries - Bro. Steve Millhorn

Eagle Summit Ministries
Spokane, WA

Donald Grey Barnhouse
Access the classic audio archive of this
monumental defender of the Christian faith!

Genesis Pregnancy Care Center
Pottstown, PA

Ministry Wings Aviation
Our friend Justin Miller's unique work for the Jesus and the Body of Christ

The Ryan Krafft Project
A powerful and sobering testimony of God's grace


Churches and Bible Training

Columbia River Fellowship
Building the Church in North Central Washington State!

United Evangelical Churches
Meeting the needs of ministers and missionaries worldwide!

Experience Church
Puyallup, WA - Pastor Dennis Cummins

Fellowship Bible Chapel
Columbus, OH - John Haller/Mike Clapham

Liberty Life Center
Sedalia, MO - Pastors Gary & Linda Smith

Grand Strand Baptist Church
Myrtle Beach, SC - Dr. Freddie Young

Atonement Free Lutheran Church
Arlington, WA - Pastor Rick Long

New Life Christian Center
Emmett, ID - Pastor Tim Moen

Grace Point Fellowship
Orange, TX - Pastor Kevin Inman

First Baptist Church
San Saba, TX - Pastors Sam Crosby and Danny Ingram

Calvary Chapel
Appleton, WI - Pastor Dwight Douville

Calvary Assembly
Wilson, WI - Pastor Rick Mannon

Raise the Standard Canada - Third Day Worship Centre
Kingston, Ontario - Pastor Francis Armstrong

Life Christian School and Academy
Tacoma, WA

Living Hope Foursquare Church
Coupeville, WA

Lighthouse Trails Contemplative Colleges list
List of colleges and universities advocating Contemplative Spirituality

Interactive study and information

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