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Sharia Law

Because the question comes up so often, below here are just a few of the many restrictive elements of Islamic Sharia Law as formulated from both the Qur'an and Muhammadan Sunnah.

Tenets of Sharia (Shariah)

A woman is eligible for only half of the inheritance of a man

A virgin may be married against her will by her father or grandfather

A woman may not leave the house without her husband’s permission

A Muslim man may marry four women, including Christians and Jews; a Muslim woman can only marry a Muslim

To beat an insubordinate wife is permissible

Female sexual mutilation is obligatory (now mandatory in twenty+ countries)

Adultery (or the perception of adultery) is punishable by death (stoning)

Offensive, military jihad against non-Muslims is a religious obligation

Apostasy from Islam is punishable by death without trial

Lying to infidels in time of jihad is permissible. This concept (know as “kitman” and “Taqiyya”) is found numerous times in the Qur'an. “Kitman” is described as half truths meant to mislead an infidel and “Taqiyya” which is complete deception to subvert and deceive unbelievers.


For more see: "Shariah For Dummies" by Nonie Darwish


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