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Posted August 29, 2015

During the last segment of the August 29, (2015) "Understanding The Times" Radio program, Jan Markell and Eric Barger discuss the convergence of many events and some of the speculation surrounding them. Listen Here

Here is a list of just a part of the events coming at us in the next 30 days. Many will become major news stories. Whether one buys into the September doom scenarios or not, the sheer convergence of so many events with geopolitical, religious, and/or biblical implications is noteworthy.

- Sept. 9: The date the Jewish Sanhedrin plans to put President Obama on trial for promoting genocide of the Jewish people with the P5+1 agreement with Iran over that nation’s nuclear weapons program.

- Sept. 12-13: The end of the Sabbatical year or “Shemitah” (the last year of the 7-year cycle). It is associated with financial issues, debt forgiveness, economic problems, recession, and declines in the stock market.

- Sept. 12-13: Influential ultra-Orthodox Jewish Rabbi, Chaim Kanievsky, is suggesting the coming of Messiah at the end of the Sabbatical year - 29th day of Elul, or Saturday, September 12, 2015.

- Sept. 17-18: The US Congress has 60 days to examine and then vote to either approve or disapprove of the Iranian nuclear deal. Will the Republicans have the spine to stop the deal?

- Rosh Hashanah (or the Feast of Trumpets) begins at sundown on Sept. 13 and ends at sundown on Sept. 15.

- Sept. 13: Partial solar eclipse takes place (It will not visible in Israel, North America, or Europe but only in part of the extreme southern hemisphere.)

- Sept.15: In the United States the military exercise known as “Jade Helm” (Joint Assistance for Development and Execution <“JADE”> Homeland Eradication of Local Militants <“HELM”>) is set to end. Many have predicted this to be more than just urban combat training but perhaps a dry run in the event that martial law is ever imposed. A few have declared that in reality this is a coordinated military action organized to actually impose martial law. (I know of at least one instance of people moving to South America because they were convinced that our sovereignty was unequivocally going to end because of the conspiratorial and unsubstantiated rantings of a number of different Internet talk show hosts.)

- Sept.15: The 70th UN General Assembly will begin meeting where France is expected to present a resolution to the UN Security Council to divide Israel and force a peace treaty on Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

- Sept. 20: The Jewish Sanhedrin plans to put Pope Francis on trial on Mt. Zion for officially recognizing the existence of a Palestinian State on land that God gave to Israel.

- Sept. 22-23: Yom Kippur (or the Day of Atonement) begins at sundown today. This will mark the beginning of the next year of Jubilee (the 50th year) the cancellation of debts, restoration of land to the original owners, etc. Generally speaking, however, if a nation or people have abandoned God, this signals judgment.

- September marks the beginning of the 70th Jubilee cycle (a year of Jubilee happens after 7 cycles of 7 or 49 years). Note: The 70th of 7-year cycles …hmmm?

- Sept 22: The Hajj (Day of Arafat) begins at Mecca and the Muslim celebration of EID begins on the 23rd.

- Sept. 23: Pope Francis is scheduled to visit the White House for discussions with Pres. Obama about wealth redistribution, religious freedom, immigration (elimination of borders), and climate change.

- Sept 24: Pope Francis is scheduled to address a joint session of Congress about world peace, religious values (most likely the need for a world religion), caring for the poor, etc.

- Sept. 25: Pope Francis is scheduled to address the UN in New York City. He has stated he wants to reduce the world’s population, regulate global climate change, establish a global constitution, establish a global court, and establish a one-world government. He will also hold a Mass at Madison Square Garden.

- Sept. 25-27: The UN plans to hold a Sustainable Development Summit to expand the role of global governance (world government). They plan to discuss global economic issues, climate change, global education, and gender equality. It is really a plan to control the life of everyone on earth.

- Sept. 28: The Jewish Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot)

- Sept 28: The fourth blood moon in the current Tetrad occurs.

- October 20: If all of that weren't enough, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) may announce the launch of a new reserve currency in October. If they do, it could severely devalue the US dollar and further undermine our stagnant economy.

Now, here are a few of the ideas being bandied about that are based on pure conjecture.

- Of course, many are speculating that the Rapture could take place on the Feast of Trumpets (Sept 13) or on Yom Kippur (or the Day of Atonement) which is September 22-23. Many are saying the Rapture will take place then. Note to self: if anyone claims they know when the Rapture will happen, don’t listen to them.

- Reports that a 2˝-mile-wide comet will strike the earth in late September are rampant. September 24 is the date most often named by the current online prophets. There are also reports that claim a meteor or perhaps an asteroid will strike Puerto Rico maiming or destroying the earth as well. Conspiracy junkies claim that NASA knows about it but that the public will not be told. Evidently only the rich and powerful are going to be tucked away in underground bunkers while the rest of us are left to fend for ourselves amid the chaos – if there is anything left of the planet, that is.

One commentator proclaimed recently on national radio that “prophets”  are saying that once an asteroid hits a small island in the Caribbean (in September) that it produces a thousand foot tsunami, opens up a fault line, runs up the Mississippi River Valley, splits the United States in two, and causes chunks of California to slide into the Pacific Ocean. He concluded by encouraging people to buy his new DVD on the coming destruction and purchase survival supplies from his website.

Just as I’ve said amid reports that JADE HELM is absolutely going to be used to bring an end to Constitutional rule in America, if the projected September doom does not take place then we should thoroughly expose these fear-mongers and never again listen to a thing they say!

(Note that if the Earth were destroyed in September 2015, then the Bible simply couldn't be true because we haven't yet seen the Rapture, the Tribulation period, the Antichrist, Armageddon, the Second Coming, the Millennium and any number of other events that Scripture speaks of!)

- Some of the comet/asteroid crowd believe that a cryptic message given by the French Foreign Minister during a visit to the White House last year subtly warned of environmental catastrophe/planetary destruction set for September 2015. Others have concluded that our destruction will be brought on by the experiments being conducted with the world’s largest Hadron Particle Collider by The European Organization for Nuclear Research (known as “CERN”) in Switzerland.

Prophecy teacher, Daymond Duck, who assembled part of the list of actual events I cited above, comments The list of things to watch for in September, 2015 has surpassed my ability to keep up with all of it.”


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