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*Final Proof *

Are the Book of Mormon Lamanites, the American, Meso-American and South American Indians really the descendants of Israelites who came to the Americas? The LDS Church claims they are and the validity of the Book of Mormon requires that they are.

Now, finally, incontrovertible scientific evidence can either prove the Book of Mormon to be true [and therefore Mormonism is the true, restored gospel] or the Book of Mormon is a fabricated tale and the claims of Mormonism false.

Some years ago, when the scientific validity of DNA research proved to be unassailable, I sent an open letter to the LDS Presidency and asked them to settle the matter by taking DNA samples of native people groups in Meso-America, Peru, and North America and compare them to native Israelites and to native groups in Eastern Asia.  My letter received no response.

You would think that if the LDS Leaders actually believed what they taught about the origins of the Book of Mormon peoples, they would have their scientists racing to take this golden opportunity to finally prove, without any doubt, that Mormonism was everything it claimed to be. But apparently they already knew the answer or secretly did the research but did not like the results and have kept them hidden from their own people.

Now, a small church congregation in Brigham City, Utah, has taken up the cause and is doing the work necessary to either prove or disprove the authenticity of the Book of Mormon and the whole base line of Mormonism.

Before this project comes to its practical conclusion, I plead with the Leaders of the LDS church to, at long last, deal in reality and set aside the many warm, fuzzy faith building stories and get down to the scientific facts that can put an end to 170 years of controversy.

In a recent letter from Joel Kramer, Pastor of Living Hope Christian Fellowship, In Brigham City, Utah, he writes [in part]

…Our heart for Mormons is perfectly reflected by Paul's heart for his fellow Israelites: "My hearts desire and prayer to God for the Israelites is that they may be saved.  For I can testify about them that they are zealous for God, but their zeal is not based on knowledge." Rom 10:1.  In light of this, we have begun a DNA study on the claim of Hebrew origin for Native Americans taught in the Book of Mormon.

I would like to emphasize that this is a church project that every member is aware of and in some degree involved with.  It was thoroughly discussed with the congregation and agreed upon through a series of meetings before we committed to doing it.

You can go to www.mormonchallenge.com and download the video clip that we have produced so far.  This explains what the Book of Mormon teaches in regards to Native Americans having a Hebrew origin and it shares the first interview we conducted with DNA Anthropologist, Dr. Stephen L. Whittington at the University of Maine.  His area of expertise is DNA testing ancient skeletons from the Maya civilization, which of course is where Lehi's family is said to have landed.   We have four more interviews with DNA specialists coming up, three in August and one in October.  Two are involved with studying mummies and skeletons of Native Americans before the coming of the Europeans in 1492.  One is involved with DNA testing of living Native Americans.  To date over 5,000 Native Americans from more than 140 tribes from Alaska to the tip of South America have been DNA tested.  The research shows that 96.5% of them show an Asian origin, having migrated to the American continents across the Bering Strait.  The 3.5% discrepancy shows a European origin (mostly Spanish) that emerged after Columbus opened up the Americas to European trade and colonization.  Researchers know this because the discrepancy occurs most frequently in areas that had high post-Columbus activity.  Also, all ancient bones tested show a 100% Asian origin for pre-Columbus Indians.  To date, a Hebrew origin has not been linked to even one Native American.

The fourth interview we have scheduled for October is with Senior DNA Scientist Dr. Simon Southerton.  He was a Mormon Bishop when he discovered through his work the DNA evidence against the Book of Mormon.  

We have reserved mormonchallenge.com for professional scientists only, separated from this site is our own site www.livinghopeministries.info .  We are developing the gospel message and links to websites such as Saints Alive.

The goal of our project is first and foremost a local desire to actively defend the Bible and proclaim the gospel to Mormons.  So far God has blessed us as we have openly announced in Newspapers that we are actively involved in this project.  By association with Living Hope, God has opened the doors for witnessing and having to answer many people’s questions.  It is a great relief and benefit to be active in ministering to Mormons as it brings the intended purpose of the church to us.  Our goal is to keep the pressure on the Mormons to defend the Book of Mormon in the hopes that some might turn to the truth and be saved.  We need prayer support as we have already experienced many attacks from the enemy. … More than anything we need prayer that God would move by His Spirit to redeem the lost in Utah.  We fully believe and expect Him to do just that!

Our financial needs mostly focus around traveling expenses.  We have traveled to Maine and will be traveling to California and New Mexico.  We are also paying half of the airplane fare to bring a DNA scientist to SLC from Australia.  Also, we need advertising money for running ads in the SLC, Ogden and Brigham newspapers announcing each newly posted interview with each DNA researcher.  We appreciate all prayer and financial support to complete this large project.  May it bear fruit for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ!

Keep in mind that we are at the very beginning of this project and are involved with a major learning curve.  For this reason our sites are still under construction and being organized better.

Now, I sent this article to Pastor Kramer for his review prior to publishing it and he wrote back, in part:

On Monday afternoon [ed: August 5, 2002] we received an e-mail from an LDS anthropologist.   He found out about us through the DNA scientist who we will be interviewing this Tuesday in California.  We did an hour and forty-minute interview with this Mormon anthropologist yesterday [August 7, 2002].  It was amazing!  God completely delivered this man to us as we had no idea he was out there.   His name is Tom Murphy; he has a BS and MA degree in anthropology and is currently writing his doctoral thesis on the DNA issue and Mormonism.

He openly admitted on camera that the recent genetic evidence proves that the Book of Mormon is a false document written by Joseph Smith [ed: and others] in the 19th Century.  He also admitted that it proves that Joseph Smith openly and knowingly deceived people.  With authority and sound reason he refutes every argument that Mormon scholars have attempted to explain the DNA problems they face.  He refutes them both as a scientist and a Mormon.  He also pleads with the LDS people and leadership to come clean in these areas.  The interview was discovered, arranged and conducted in such a way that there is nothing that we can take credit for.  It was all God!  Praise Jesus!

Ed writes: Finally, a way to scientifically determine if Mormonism’s
claims are true or false.
Let’s get behind this exciting project!

Adopted from the Saints Alive Newsletter Oct. 2002

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