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Part of the reaction to Eric's article
"Lord of the Rings: Christian of Cultic"

"I would say a huge AMEN to your article concerning The Lord Of The Rings. I have never been able to figure out why that was labeled a "Christian" movie. That is a bunch of bunk if I have ever heard it. Witchcraft, magic, creepy satanic like creatures.  What is up with that? I so wish self proclaiming Christians would WAKE UP!! I barely watch any movies at all, let alone science fiction or fantasy. All of it, pretty much junk. Anyway, keep up your faithful work.................The Lord bless you as you make your move, and please don't be discouraged!"

In Christ,


Sandy wrote:

I must respond to your article on Lord of the Rings. Thank you.

I avoided Harry Potter after reading 1 and 1/2 books, it became obvious to me it was more than entertaining, it was creating imagination into dangerous territory. I also have read (from Christians) how Lord of the Rings was great and a good book for all.

Years earlier I worked for a veterinarian who admired J.R.R.Tolkien's works. l was embarrassed to admit I had never heard of him. Although my boss died tragically in a car/train accident a few years later (I had gone on to school and was of all things the primary Paramedic at the scene) I was glad that I had made a point of sharing my faith with him. He allowed his children to attend my church but his wife was and is agnostic. 

Anyhow I purchased the Lord of the Rings tapes, started viewing them and my family (son in law etc.) were impressed although surprised that I supported the series since I was so strong against Harry Potter.

Setting the tapes aside, I haven't been able to finish the series, my confusion over what I have been told of their so-called religious content and noticing so much of the underworld and witchcraft made me wonder if I had done right by my family after all. I had verbally supported it and the tapes were a present just for me. Now I am ashamed that I didn't listen to my own Spirit and know that they aren't a good source of entertainment for the unsaved or Christians. It brings to mind that my boss was an avid reader of Tolkien but it didn't bring him to Christ, he might have become saved though, through the questions I answered for him in our private conversations shortly before I left for schooling. 

You are right, about it not being healthy, Christlike, or good entertainment for this generation. Many will disagree of course, I have even had those to suggest the Wizard of Oz should also be put on my list of non-reading materials, I must be a fanatic. Humm, I loved the Wizard of Oz as a kid and I am also a story teller to my grandkids, but there is a line that must be drawn by Christians for our own protection. Thank you again, you are taking the right stand about these books and movies. Sometimes we must remember, being right is not always popular. Christ was crucified for being right.


Dear Mr. Barger:

I loved this article. Oh, thank you, thank you for speaking the truth no matter what the cost. It is unbelievable to me, a new Christian, how much compromise I'm seeing. I hear respected leaders quoting CS Lewis all the time. The road is truly narrowing.   I fully support you and again wish to thank you for these truths. God bless you.



Someone identifying themselves as "cult education" wrote:

Surely this is a joke?

You never read fairy tales when you were younger? What damage did they do to you?

Come on!

This person also requested to be removed from our database. (By the way, we ALWAYS honor those requests and NO, the article is certainly not a joke.)


Dear Brother Barger~

I am so lifted to read your message...all the way through I kept thinking “ALRIGHT - someone who FINALLY sees the LIGHT!!!” YES!!

I was getting to the point of wondering if I was the one who was off base? All my Christian friends loved that movie and I read all over how that Christians love it and I am sorry.. I have NOT EVER felt that it was something we should support.

I also feel and have felt for many, many years about Narnia the same...now I don't know where you stand about that...but I just have this GUT feeling it’s the same thing. And I have shared that with my Christian friends, as well as Potter too...and of course get the old come-backs… i.e., it’s Spiritually minded and a good way to describe good from evil in story form. Well I am sorry, I don’t agree.

I would LOVE to share this article with my Christian friends and some I did. However, for the most part I don’t even try anymore.

For example, the new animated movie "Brother Bear" is out and my Christian friend that so loved the Lord of the Rings is really coming down hard on the fact that kids should NOT be allowed to watch this movie because of the spirits and all that are involved. Part of me listening to her was thinking. “OH, and yet you support Lord of the Rings?” It just doesn’t compute.

But then I have things in my life that are contrary to my even believing this and I yet cannot over come certain things in my sinful life as well.

So I am not trying to throw the first stone. BUT I was really enthused and excited to read what you had to say simply because its EXACTLY how I have felt for so very long and was beginning to feel like I was a minority in the Christian world.

Thank you so much for hearing from the Spirit of God!!

Agape, Kath


Hi Eric:

Finally got around to reading all of your research document on "Lord of the Rings - Christian or Cultic" and we want to thank you for the stand that you have taken. Far too many "Christians" are being put to sleep over these goody goody fairy tales that disguise witchcraft. Thank God for people like you who "stick their neck out" for what they believe.

Thank you for identifying this work "Lord of the Rings" for what it really is - witchcraft. You said yourself that you will be criticized for your stand on this but we pray that for every person that criticizes you for this stand you have taken, there will be 100 like us who will rally around you with their support.

God bless you for the work you are doing for Christ,

Larry and Paulette


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