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Eric's Emails to 2015 Tour Members

Oct 9 "Israel Travel Information"

Oct 24 "Travel Tips for Our Trip"

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Travel Tips and FAQ's

What should I be doing to get ready for our trip?

Praying - for a great, meaningful experience and for the safety of everyone on the trip!

Walking - If you build endurance by walking in the days and weeks leading up to the trip it will maximize your enjoyment while in Israel. An experienced traveler to Israel told me recently that the amount of time you spend now in preparation will be reflected in how much you are able to participate and absorb on the trip. He suggested that walking outdoors and up and down hills (or stairs) would prove to be a great benefit to those wanting a maximum experience in Israel.

Preparing - your heart and mind for an exciting and uplifting experience like no other as we explore Israel together!



Delta Airlines allows passengers flying in the main cabin one free checked bag (maximum 50 lbs/23 kg, 62 inches (or 157 cm) when you total length+width+height). You are allowed one “carry-on” bag and one purse or personal item per person. Your “carry-on” bag must not to exceed 45 linear inches (or 114 cm) in combined length, width and height, including any handles and wheels. For complete baggage information see http://www.delta.com/content/www/en_US/traveling-with-us/baggage.html.

We are limited to the same baggage restrictions on our motor coach so please pack frugally.


Again, plan one suitcase and one carry on. Pack light and casual. There is absolutely no need for "dress clothes." Casual and comfortable are the key words here. Good walking shoes are a must! Some have suggested light hiking boots but most recommended sneakers. Regardless, make certain they are broken in!

How should I dress? In layers. There will likely be some noticeable temperature changes as we move about from place to place, some even within a day. The average temperatures for early November in range from 70-80 degrees during the day to 50-60 at night.

We need to dress comfortably preparing for both higher and lower temperatures. It is also the beginning of the rainy season. A waterproof jacket is a good idea with either a hood or a hat. Umbrellas are discouraged. Pack a minimum of toiletries and medications too.

You should note that at designated holy sights in Israel shorts cannot be worn and women's shoulders cannot be exposed. Our guides will alert us about these sights in advance.

Water shoes (for baptisms... or???)

Carry on bag suggestion: In preparing for our flight to Israel, pack your tooth brush, a change if underwear, all medications, and anything else you absolutely need should your checked bag be delayed.

On the Flight...

Make sure you have your passport and that its not packed in checked luggage!

A neck pillow and a jacket or extra layer are recommended.

Standing, stretching and walking a bit while in flight is advised.

Delta offers an array of in-flight entertainment. If you choose to use your own tablet or phone you will need to download the free GoGo Video Player available for free download in the Apple App Store or Android Play Store.

I also suggest a good pair of noise canceling headphones for the flights. While Boeing 777 aircraft are arguably the "Cadillac" of commercial jets, the engines that will take us over the Atlantic are large and noisy. Of course earplugs work if you just want silence.

An eye mask is a favorite for those needing the dark to sleep!


Antihistamines, pain reliever (Ibuprofen, etc)

A USB battery pack and/or a long USB charging cable for your phone, tablet, etc.

Prescription Medications

It is advised to bring only the amount of medication you need while on the trip. Also, make CERTAIN to bring all prescription medications in the ORIGINAL BOTTLES with your name and the name of the prescribing doctor on it.

RFID Protecting Your Personal Info

I encourage everyone traveling to secure your passport, credit cards, and drivers license in an RFID blocking wallet or bag. Click here for more.

No matter where I go I always make certain that my passport, credit cards, and drivers license are shielded so that they cannot be unknowingly scanned by a hacker. For more information on this click here.

Electrical Adaptors

Since Israel operates on 220 volt power instead of 110, you will need electric adaptors for your phone, laptop, tablet and other chargers while in Israel. Click here for an example.

Though the majority of our phone and laptop chargers will only need an adaptor, some might need an actual voltage converter. Click here for a recommended unit - BESTEK 200W (Eric has one of these and it works flawlessly!).

Phones, Internet, Wi-Fi, etc.

Our motor coach in Israel will have wi-fi! Though I cannot verify how fast it may be, we will have wi-fi as we travel across Israel.

Having an account with Skype will allow you the ability to download the Skype software to your cell phone to both receive and make calls while connected to wi-fi. But beware of the expensive international roaming rates should you not adjust the setting on your phones and some tablets to allow incoming or outgoing data to operate only when you are logged on to a wi-fi network.

Most cell service providers have some reasonable options for those traveling abroad too. Verizon users can purchase a variety of plans. At last check, options are available for those who need to be in closer touch with folks back home. There is a plan addition which includes a block of minutes of talk time to receive or make calls back to the USA and Canada. Verizon offers that plus a data and outgoing text message plan which includes unlimited incoming texts. As of now, the international plan option is on a month to month basis so you can cancel it after our trip.

To view this and other international calling options just log onto your Verizon account online, look for "International Options," then "Traveling Outside the US," and choose "International Travel Talk, Text & Data." Again, should you choose a plan like this from your carrier beware of going over your allotted limits. The extra charges can add up quickly.

Meal Reminder...

We’ll have morning and evening meals together at the hotels. As for snacks or lunches, we are "on our own" but we'll still be together as a group. There will be ample opportunity to get food while we are out touring daily.


Merchants in Israel accept US money, no problem. Just make certain you have plenty of small bills because some of your change may be in Shekels so you don’t want to buy a $1 item with a US $20 or $50.

As for how much cash to bring, that’s up to each person. Remember, you will need $150 in cash for tips payable on the second day of the trip.

The price of lunches or snacks along the way as we tour is quite reasonable. You are likely safe estimating $10-15 a day for lunch.

More Travel Tip Suggestions and Cautions:

- Sleeping -
A few days before departing begin to think "Israel time" to get a jump on adjusting your sleeping schedules. Israel is six hours ahead of New York and nine hours in front of Seattle.

- Journaling - An idea to get more out of your trip and to help organize your memories is to journal where we go and what you see and do. It's suggested that journaling is done best early and often. We have a "Bridges For Peace Israel Tour Journal" which includes terrific facts and stunning pictures. (See it here and order it here.)

- Evangelizing - Be careful and use wisdom in sharing your faith, especially in Jerusalem.



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