Prayer and
Christian Living


Can I Get a Witness?

Are you Tithing? It's the LEAST you can do!

ONE WIFE? What does Paul mean in Titus 1:6?

Acting Like Evil is Normal

The Price of Being a Witness

Christianity: Extreme Makeover Version
The Modern Church Growth Movement - Growing the Wrong Way

Our Disturbing Spiritual Condition - The "feel good" gospel lets people down

Will They Say of Us..."They WERE The Evangelicals?"

First Dr. Falwell and Now Dr. Kennedy - Sept 5, 2007

Thank God for Christian Education!

Looking for Truth in a Tattooed World

Piercings and Tattoos

Halo 3 and Christians

How Wrong Has Become Right - The Culture of Relativism

Christmas and Christians

Calvinism vs. Arminianism

Struggling with Pornography? - Read "The God of the Bod" by Michael Tummillo

DANGER!   A Warning for Kids Online

Why does Take A Stand! Ministries allow our needs to be known?


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