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Read Chapters from Eric's book Entertaining Spirits Unaware: The End-Time Occult Invasion Here!

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Listen to Eric's 4 part series "The End Time Occult Invasion" on Take A Stand! Radio

The Clinton's Voodoo Connection - from Take A Stand! TV

Unraveling Hillary's Religion part three - Truth or Consequences - What happens if Clinton Gets Elected?

The Nine Forbidden Practices of the Occult

Bible Prophecy and the Occult - Discover how Bible Prophecy predicts today's Occult Explosion
Special Guest: Jill Martin Rische.
Access all four Take A Stand! Radio episodes in this series archived here. Order Eric's DVD on this topic here.

Kids and the Occult: The Shocking Reality

Spiritualism & Necromancy - Voices from Hell
CAUTION: The Psychic "Hotline" is called "Hot" for a Reason!
UFOs "Identified"
Wiccan Divorces Interviews Eric Barger 12-12-2002
"Christians" Who Defend the Occult
Beware of New Nickelodeon Show ("The House of Anubis")
bullet-red-dot.gif (960 bytes) Twilight
Bringing Twilight out into the Son
Bringing Twilight out into the Son - Get Pamphlet
Warning: There's No Power in This Blood - Jan Markell
bullet-red-dot.gif (960 bytes) Harry Potter
The Magick of Harry Potter - Excerpted from Eric Barger's book (part 1)
The Marketing (and "Schooling") of Harry Potter (part 2)
Harry Potter's Religion (part 3)
Harry Potter and Christians
Movie Review and Fast Arguments AGAINST Harry Potter
Harry Potter Rides On
How Wrong Has Become Right - The Culture of Relativism
What's Wrong With Harry Potter - Gregory R. Reid
Rebuttal of the book Looking for God in Harry Potter
"I'm a Christian But..." a revealing look at attitudes about Harry Potter
bullet-red-dot.gif (960 bytes) Lord of the Rings
The Lord of the Rings: Christian or Cultic?
Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings - David W. Cloud
bullet-red-dot.gif (960 bytes) Pokémon & Yu-Gi-Oh
Understanding Pokémon Go
The Weird World of Pokémon
bullet-red-dot.gif (960 bytes) Shadowmancer
An Apologetic "Apology"
bullet-red-dot.gif (960 bytes) Halloween
Download FREE Printable Booklet - "Halloween: This Trick is NO Treat"
RIGHT...For ALL the Wrong Reasons
Halloween: In case you were curious - Michael Tummillo
Halloween Ideas - Bob Sperlazzo
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