Brining Twilight
out into the Son

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Bringing Twilight out into the Son
by Eric Barger

"Blockbuster books and hit movies confuse evil with good."

You may know someone who is in love with the Twilight books by Mormon author, Stephenie Meyer. These books, and the resulting movies, have helped to induce a disturbing acceptance of vampirism among teenagers - especially teen girls. Christian homes and those in solid churches and Christian schools have been dramatically affected by this unbiblical, even demonic, story. Also, as with many storylines today, the Twilight series endears readers and viewers to heroes who are, in reality, villainous. In short, this extremely popular saga is desensitizing millions concerning the satanic underworld. That's why we've developed a quick and easy-to-read resource to help give answers and combat the Twilight phenomenon.

Twilight is adversely affecting millions, which is why we encourage you to order Eric Barger's informative new booklet, Bringing Twilight out into the Son today. Request several copies to give to friends and family. Having a few on hand for the Twilight fans you encounter could make a dramatic eternal difference.

8 page booklet

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