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* What is "Spiritual Warfare?"

* Who is in the spiritual war?

* Are Christians immune? 

* What are some of the main misconceptions about spiritual conflict? 

* Why are many Christians ill-equipped for battle?

* What are the misconceptions about Satan, Demons, Hell, etc.? 

* How can a parent know if their child is dabbling in the occult?

* How do we know if we are up against demonic activities?

* What is the Christian's most powerful tool when engaging the Enemy?

* What should the end goal be for those willing to take up the challenge and wage spiritual warfare?


Providing every believer a battle plan for spiritual victory, Eric Barger and co-author David Benoit draw on many decades of personal experience and research. With emphatic reliance on the Word of God you'll be challenged, enlightened, and strengthened to take up the Armor of God and fight the good fight - disarming the powers of darkness day by day!

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