We are pleased to offer these endorsements for
Disarming the Powers of Darkness
by Eric Barger with David Benoit.



As the days darken and society becomes more unstable, it is obvious we are in a war—a spiritual war. We have a real enemy and it’s not a foreign invader. Our real enemies are principalities and powers. Learn how to overcome them and defeat them through the pages of this book.

Jan Markell
Founder, Olive Tree Ministries
Host of “Understanding the Times Radio”


Eric Barger has masterfully demonstrated his knowledge of the spiritual war throughout his years in ministry. "Disarming the Powers of Darkness" is just the book we need in these end-times.

Ed Decker
Author, The God Makers


Eric Barger was anointed by the Lord to establish a spiritual discernment ministry, and that ministry has been greatly blessed because Eric stays on top of the issues, he is fearless in addressing them, and he is always balanced and fair  in what he has to say. We need more voices like his in these end times as apostasy is multiplying.

Dr. David Reagan
Founder, Lamb and Lion Ministries
Host of “Christ in Prophecy” television


In "Disarming the Powers of Darkness" Eric Barger relates his knowledge based on both Scripture and a life he once lived. His experience makes him an expert on Satanic forces that influence our lives and testimonies. This book is a must read for every Christian to alert them to the unseen dangers in these last days.

Dr. Bob Glaze
President, Southwest Radio Church Ministries


Recognized for many years as one of America's premier apologetics ministers, Eric Barger is well known for his sound theological treatise of scripture. His book, "Disarming the Powers of Darkness," however; exceeded even my high expectations. Well written, thoroughly researched, Biblically accurate and powerful both in insights and practical applications, "Disarming the Powers of Darkness" is a must-read for every believer because ‘we wrestle not against flesh and blood.’

Robert B. Fort
Chairman & CEO, United Evangelical Churches


Eric Barger is one of the most gifted presenter of Biblical Truth I have been privileged to have minister in my church. Eric excels in his research, documentation, Bible content, and ministers with the anointing of the Holy Spirit bring conviction to our hearts in each of his studies. Eric Barger has been called to be a watchman who has taken his calling seriously and without regard for political correctness. PTL!!!

Dr. Freddie Young
Pastor, Grand Strand Baptist Church, Myrtle Beach, SC


Eric Barger and David Benoit have done a masterful job providing biblical insight that will help believers understand the spiritual battle and how we can effectively operate in it. "Disarming the Powers of Darkness" is a much needed “must read” resource for those who desire to navigate through the waters of spiritual warfare.

Brandon Holthaus
Pastor, Rock Harbor Church, Bakersfield, CA


Eric Barger’s vast knowledge of Scripture and his ability to communicate it with passion inspires me and challenges me to dig deeper in my own research. His love for our Lord Jesus, his eternal perspective, and God-given drive to defend the faith are just a few of Eric’s strengths. From apologetics to the importance of understanding spiritual warfare, his ministry is effective and vital to the equipping of the body of Christ in America.

David Fiorazo
Author and Radio Host, Green Bay, WI


I so appreciate the ministry of Eric Barger in providing Scripturally-sound, cutting-edge resources for the Church. We have had the privilege of having Eric with us annually for the past ten years. His sound research and effective presentations have helped equip our people with spiritual discernment for many of the deceptions in our day - even within Christian churches -  as well as given solid answers for some of the tough questions they encounter in their day to day lives. All Christians and Christian churches will benefit by utilizing the materials Eric has produced, particularly "Disarming the Powers of Darkness."

Rick Long
Senior Pastor, Atonement Free Lutheran, Arlington, WA


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