How far should Christians go when reconciling with the Cults?

Utah Assembly of God Pastor teaches Mormon Sunday School class, addresses BYU teachers, signs declaration of repentance

by Eric Barger

An age-old question for apologists has been "how far should Christians go in agreement with, human fellowship with and fraternization with those lost in the cults"? The question is especially tricky when dealing with Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses and others whose publicized goal is to evangelize YOU as well.

As much as we may want to win the cults for Christ and as much as we may want peace with our neighbors, how far can we go before we compromise both our mission to reach them and most importantly, the truth?

So, that brings us to a case from 1998 that has just come to light through a February 2000 article in Christianity Today and coverage in other publications.

* First read the article "A Peacemaker in Provo" from Christianity Today. I should mention that I believe the author of the article is decidedly in favor of what he reports therein. As I read it, I found myself floating off several times into a sort of blissfulness, thinking "my, how wonderful". But I was quickly slapped back to my senses by the wonderful light of God's Word and by remembering the cold, demonic reality of Mormonism.

Repentance from hatred: yes! Reconciliation as humans: yes! But is singing hymns with cultists - portraying that we are all singing to the same "god" - not an affront to righteous theology and a weakening our own evangelistic abilities? How can we arrive at a middle ground when one considers the false nature of the Mormon gospel and their relentless evangelism, which introduces millions to a "different" Jesus? How far is indeed, too far?

* Next read my "Letter to the Editor - Christians and Mormons". I lay out my thoughts, in particular the fact that to stay truthful to our mission of reaching them, the differences between Christianity and Mormonism must be accentuated, not the similarities.

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