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Shaping The New World Order: Deceptions of the Secular Press

By Eric Barger

Never before in history has any one source influenced the population in such a monumental and often frightening fashion as the modern media. In today’s information based society we are turning to the television and electronic media in particular, trusting that we’ll gain truthful insight pertaining to the world around us. However, in a world so dependent on and influenced by the press we must ask: can the secular news media be trusted to accurately tell us the truth? Is there perhaps an agenda being set forth by unseen and often unnamed policy makers who literally control what the public is or is not told? If indeed there is such an agenda, is it being presented and perceived in such a way that a cultural, moral and political mind-shift will result? This being the case, how can we as Christians remain steadfast, shining brightly the light of the cross into a darkened world?

Often referred to as "the age of information," our society is suffering from a "mass media overload." World events are changing at a lightning pace, almost hourly. There is a veritable glut of communications coming at us from all sides. With more news-oriented programming on the air than ever before a huge market exists for all kinds of coverage from pseudo-conservative to "trash TV." But in today’s fast changing global climate with so many sources to choose from, how can we tell what is "truth?" To remain stable with the Lord’s values intact, every Christian should continually guard his or her heart. (Prov. 16:17, Col. 2:8) Without hysteria or paranoia we must realize that today’s media is indeed trying to educate us in ways that reach far beyond the actual reporting of news. It is key to realize that without the media’s endorsement, no substantial political or economic changes can occur in our free North American culture. However, almost any change of thinking or perception can be accomplished through the repetitive conditioning of media endorsement. As the old adage says, if anything is "advertised" enough it can and will sell and be accepted. Make no mistake - the media is advertising something in between the commercials!

You’ve probably noticed the liberal left-wing slant being promulgated by much of the secular press, television sitcoms and the Hollywood establishment. There is, however much more than meets the eye (and ear) concerning the real agenda that the majority of those in the media so desire to see fulfilled.

The media accomplishes the task three ways. First by simply reporting on select "stories" that serve to benefit those in control. Second, by "selective verbiage" to twist the sense of a particular story. And third by simply ignoring selected stories or entire subjects.

The News Scripted...

We’ve seen the aforementioned liberal/globalist thinking surface as reporters have often blasted politicians, especially conservatives, in a sort of verbal sparring match. It would seem that they are totally at odds - some conservative politicians versus the media. Yet a careful examination of the historical relationships between those in business, government and media will reveal a totally different view. Much of the media may seem to disdain certain policies and politicians (and vice-versa). However, it would seem from the clandestine alliances that some leading media and political players have made, that some of the apparent wrangling is nothing more than show. At the same time others may not know that they are but tools of a far reaching economical-political hierarchy designed to slowly create desired changes in thinking to the public. The reporting of news is often directly interconnected with incredibly powerful financial sources. A case in point is the Federal Reserve, which is actually responsible for often making some very important news. What most Americans don’t know is that the members of the Federal Reserve have great clout in the financial structure of the media! In essence, one actually owns the other. Just as a movie maker produces a film to garner public attention and success, the media operates according to the dictates of the elite power conglomerates who bankroll it. The "powers that be" desire to keep us thinking that what is being reported daily is indeed the real issue. May I suggest that much of what we are being told is no more than a type of informative smoke screen to sidetrack the public’s thinking. Concerning many political, economic or environmental news stories, there appears to be a conflict of ideals between source and reporter. In reality, one could liken what is going on to the seemingly polarized philosophies of so-called "white" and "black" magic. Many who practice "white" magic are sincerely but tragically duped into believing that they participate in a noble and harmless practice. "White" witches are at odds ideologically with "black" magic - even though in reality it is the same source that empowers both. As with these two forms of sorcery there appears to be insurmountable differences between many varying secular media participants (news persons, politicians, etc.), their values and ideals. However, as with the value system of "white" and "black" magic, at least some opposing media participants are in essence "shaking hands" behind the scenes - know it or not. Just as there is really no such thing as "white" and "black" magic spiritually (God condemns all occultism!), much of what we are brought to believe by today’s establishment media is contrived to shape public opinion towards accepting a global society. Talk about hocus-pocus!

Those who control the media from behind the scenes see their job much as the secular educational establishment does - as change agents. Yes, news must be reported, but stories are often selected only relative to their value in subverting traditional values of patriotism, Godliness and family. The actual dissemination of news events is only of secondary importance. Those in control know too that their personal views are relative only to the extent that those views might help achieve the intended goal. An individual’s (or media agency’s) own beliefs are only worth espousing as long as they do not interfere with the master plan - to catapult society into a global union - economically, politically and spiritually. This attitude and approach started with those in the international media (controlled by globalists) and has now made its way into every local media market in our society where the majority of those in the industry now find it more necessary to be politically correct than truthful or patriotic. It would seem that the New Age standard of moral relativism has virtually captured the news media.

The News Twisted...

Obviously it is not necessarily always the news items themselves that are (to whatever varying extents) contrived, especially concerning natural disasters, accidents, etc. Instead, with these stories it is often the manner in which events are reported that casts the status quo shadow that "everything is coming unglued...the New World Order is the solution. I’ve said for years that it’s amazing what a reporter with an agenda and one camera can accomplish!

The News Ignored...

Each day there are many valid and newsworthy stories that never make it to air or print. Editorial policies revolve around whether a story, person or event is "politically correct" in the eyes of the policy makers - not whether a story may be true, noteworthy or of substance that would help, encourage, inform or benefit the public at large. If any information (or person) fails to match the geopolitical mold that those who control the media wish to bring forth, it is either ignored - regardless of its validity as news - or it is brought into question to weaken politically offensive matters that do not come into line with the prescribed liberal slant. Case in point: you rarely if ever will hear of investigations by the national media into any alleged corrupt actions by select special interest groups (N.E.A, N.O.W., A.C.L.U., etc.)!

Yes, we are hearing "truth" to some extent from the news media, but it is surely not the whole truth. In other words, we are only being told what someone in control of a microphone or printing press is told to tell us - not what is true.

The "Control Factor"...

To accomplish the mission of reconstructing the way the public thinks, the media must appear to be on the side of the everyday citizen - the common man. Far from being the champions of truth and justice, which is what is hoped we’ll perceive, the establishment media is actually being used as a mouthpiece for a much larger cause. The word desensitization has become an apt descriptor of what is going on. This is accomplished after daily, weekly, yearly conditioning of our individual and collective mindset. Before the evening news is offered up it is scanned, filtered, edited and then finally served for public consumption. If we are willing to admit it, the agenda of the media is clear. Step by step the supposedly credible secular media and entertainment establishment has slowly used the power of information to shift our culture from being patriotic, God-fearing and family oriented to globalistic, humanistic, sexually permissive, pro-abortion and heartless. If indeed you gather your news from media sources such as CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, CBC, Associated Press, etc., take heed that you examine everything carefully - even the seemingly innocent wording and voice inflection of the announcers. The spin of those in control - the immensely powerful internationalists - is without question being pumped across the majority of North America’s airwaves and headlines. To many the end result - a New World Order - is more infinitely important than journalism with a conscience. Knowing this as I do, it is an unquestionable necessity that we strain and dissect everything we are being told.

Fighting Back...

Ingesting to much news today can be dangerous to your mental and spiritual health! The television set is possibly the most powerful tool in shape the way a person or a people view their world. One who knows the truth may eventually begin to doubt that what he knows to be fact is actually true if his mind is continually bombarded with slanted reporting, liberal rhetoric, half truths and even bold face lies.

I suggest that we balance our news intake with trustworthy Christian and truly conservative journalism.

* USA Radio Network News

* Point of View Radio Talk Show

* The 700 Club

(Pat Robertson’s analysis of the news)

* The Christian World Report magazine

* The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor

and others are great sources to hear the real truth concerning today’s news. Above all, test everything by the Holy Scriptures. Learn to listen closely to the Holy Ghost as He speaks to you His direction and warning against deception in this end-time hour.

Eric Barger 1993

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