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Eric & Melanie Barger

January-February 2008 Special
"The Truth will set them FREE!"


My Kingdom Come: The Mormon Quest for Godhood

With the release of The God Makers 24 years ago, Ed Decker led the charge in exposing the frightful errors of Mormonism. Now, his final book on the topic is in print!

I have been involved with editing and preparing this book with Ed for over a year. Ed has done a terrific job. It is an awesome book!

My Kingdom Come - The Mormon Quest for Godhood - 440 page book    $20

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Fast Facts on False Teachings
by Ed Decker and Dr. Ron Carlson

Concise and Powerful info on:
- Mormonism
- Jehovah's Witnesses
- New Age
- Freemasonry
- Evolution
- Islam
Plus - World Religions and other Cults

Fast Facts on False Teachings - 258 page book    $15

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Mormonism: Has Anything Changed?
by Jim Spencer

In this DVD ex-Temple Mormon and author of the classic, Beyond Mormonism, Jim Spencer carefully dissects the complicated world of Mormon history, practice, doctrine and answers the question: "Has Anything Changed?"

* This DVD will be helpful to the person who is knowledgeable about Mormonism and ideal for those completely new to the subject.*

DVD Run Time: 118 minutes    $16

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