Reasons to Stand with
The Reformation and
NOT Unite with Rome

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Reasons to Stand with The Reformation and NOT Unite with Rome

As the 500 year anniversary of the Reformation approaches we must be reminded that the fight is the same as it was centuries ago. It’s a battle for the Bible!

IN THIS MESSAGE Eric Barger details…

- Nine Reasons why the Catholic system opposes the Bible including Idolatry, Praying to or through the Dead, Purgatory, Faith & Works, Papal Authority

- Current Ecumenical movements that ignore Scriptural commands

- The deception of “Unity” and its promotion by Protestant and Evangelical leaders

- This message addresses many concerns facing Bible-believers about Catholicism today. Here you’ll find sold facts - direct from Roman teachings in the Catholic Catechism - to answer the drumbeat of “unity” being heard throughout the Evangelical world.

- A review of the Reformation and the “Reformers Hall of Fame” We’ll revisit the men who risked life and freedom to stand with the Bible against a corrupt system five centuries ago. The question is: will we stand with Luther, Tyndale, Wycliffe and others? Or will we ignore their sacrifice - and the Scriptures - all for “unity?”

“Unity at the cost of truth isn’t really unity. How can unity be our path if it is actually based in error?” – Eric Barger

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