Bird's-Eye View of the Bible

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Bird's-Eye View of the Bible
by Jean Eason & Orpah Hicks

A quick journey through bible foundations including 9 chapters and 12 testimonies from people whose life has been transformed. This book emphasizes the importance of developing a personal relationship with God. It provides a working knowledge of God’s Word and understanding regarding His absolute standards.

Multitudes stand at the valley of decision. Whether it is you searching an honest approach to truth, or a friend needing to find their way to the straight and narrow, this book will both impact and impart.
Joseph S. Girdler, Superintendent
Kentucky District Council of the Assemblies of God

I highly recommend this book as a witnessing tool. It covers the fundamentals of the Christian faith in a non-denominational and non-threatening way.
Dr. David R. Reagan
“Christ in Prophecy” TV Program

An excellent choice for small groups, one-on-one discipling or as a mentoring tool!

174 page book

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