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America in
The New World Order

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America in
The New World Order
by Tom Hughes

A Word From Eric Barger...

Pastor Tom Hughes is a trusted teacher and researcher concerning Bible Prophecy here in the biblical last days. Having had the opportunity to minister at 412 Church on several occasions, I have personally witnessed Pastor Tom's passion and knowledge in this area. In a concise and easy-to-read fashion his book, America in the New World Order, spotlights recent world events through the prism of prophecy building the case for Jesus' soon return throughout.

America in the New World Order fits the description of "must reading" for students of prophecy. But I believe it represents even more. If you have ever purchase a book with hopes of enlightening a friend or family member only to find that it has become an untouched dust catcher, you are going to welcome this 104 page jewel.

It is my hope and belief that many sleeping evangelicals will awaken because of Tom's work and that many outside the Church will comprehend the unmistakable biblical nature of events all around us.

Inside America in the New Word Order
- Global Conspiracies
- The Illuminati
- The Role of a "Shadow Government"
- Climate Change Hysteria
- America's Political Sovereignty
- Global Elites Capitalizing on Crisis
- False Religion and the NWO

“Tom is gifted in helping others connect the dots in end-times events and he believes God’s prophetic Word is one of our greatest tools to bring people to a faith in Christ.”
- Don Stewart, Christian apologist

104 page book

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