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Earth Worship and the Taliban?

By Eric Barger

Though they are far apart on almost every issue the array of earth worshipping New Agers and those who embrace the ideals of Afghanistan’s former radical Islamic government do have at least two things in common. First, they despise the tremendous freedoms we enjoy here in the USA, (in particular the Christian conservative element that ceaselessly works to maintain those freedoms) and second, they would love to take us back to permanently enjoy the technical advancements and human progress of about the 7th century and would do so if only they could. It is the latter that I want to comment on here.

One afternoon not long ago I was in a line of traffic at a stop light in a suburb of Seattle. I noticed a few cars ahead of me a small group of people holding signs of which I presumed were advertising a car wash or a sale at a local store. As I proceeded I read one of the signs and was a bit taken aback.

“Stop killing trees NOW! Enough is enough. Stop building houses here.”

I rolled down the window in time to hear one of the protesters (who were all teenagers) yell at a passerby “Go Home! Don’t buy a house here!” Not being able to resist an encounter with the young tree hugger, I only wish I had a picture of the silent dumbfounded look on the young girl’s face when I called out “Do you want us to live in a cave?” Though for completely different reason surely both she and the Taliban would agree on that.

The truth is that just as with radical Islam, the hyper environmentalists wish us to revert to the Stone Age. And as I drove on today I pondered who had planted the idea in those kid’s heads that using trees to construct shelter is such an evil thing? Maybe it was parents who without absolute moral and spiritual standards themselves have bred more of the same in their offspring? There is a lot of that up this way. Could it possibly have been the tutelage of some misguided hippie era holdover who got a teacher’s certificate at Berkeley (Univ. of California) or Eugene (Univ. of Oregon) and who is now masquerading as a public school educator shaping the next generation of young minds to hate modern civilization? Could be, considering how many of those folks have migrated north to Washington. When referring to wacked out cultists Walter Martin used to say that he lived in California “where all of the fruits and nuts grow” but as we are now well aware the religious fruits and nuts from most everywhere have found fresh soil up in the New Agee’ northwest! Regardless, somebody was teaching the young picketers to follow an agenda.

As I turned the corner I mused out loud to my granddaughter who was in the car “They have it exactly backwards. They are worshiping the creation instead of the Creator.” (Romans 1:25) That’s the real message here.

When people refuse the truth of the existence and sovereignty of God it isn’t long before they start trying to play God. At its core the “green” movement believes that we humans are here completely and solely for the good of “Mother Earth.” This is 180 degrees off kilter with biblical truth for instead, God has created the Earth for us which is counter to the notion that we are here to serve and pamper “her.”

Am I endorsing irresponsible use of the planet? Of course not, however one must see beyond the surface when examining the motivations behind many of those in the environmental movement today. Perhaps the misguided evangelicals (including some I have highly respected in the past) who have signed on to the notion of global warming (1) have simply been watching too much of the hysteria that outlets like the History Channel have been pumping out. Sadly, it appears that they have actually been co-opted by a combination of faulty theological ideas, population control fanatics with money and bad science which one-world globalists and UN cronies have been pushing for decades. Perhaps these misguided evangelicals might instead try seeking wisdom from their Bibles and from some of the overwhelming volume of politically incorrect (and under promoted) science which completely rejects the idea that we are slipping toward planetary suicide with each passing emission-filled year. (2) But I digress as I slip the soap box back under my desk…

As I came back by the corner where the protesters had been camped out I did notice some reminders that the young earth worshipers had visited the neighborhood. Paper, trash and pop cans lay ironically on the green belt where they had been stationed. I guess the lesson about not littering has yet to be taught by whoever is mentoring the Captain Planet wannabe’s set on reducing home sales in the area.


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(c) copyright 2006, Eric Barger

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