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Mental Illness and Demons
By Eric Barger

(We receive many questions, requests for prayer and help, etc. This was a question and my response we received in December 2000.)


In a message dated 12/11/2000 8:30:50 PM EST, -----------@accessunited.com writes:

<< Hi, Eric,

I found your site a couple of days ago while searching the web for information on spiritual warfare. I signed up for your newsletter and received my first one yesterday. I passed the site on to a friend because I saw something that might interest her. This evening she let me know about two messages sent between her and you. She has been so discouraged that I was pleased to hear that you were encouraging her.

But the reason for this message is to ask you a question that I did not find addressed on your site. (I did not say it was not there, merely that I did not find it.) Do you have any information on or know anything about the relationship between mental illness and demons? I am not asking out of idle curiosity, but I would like to hear what you believe or teach about whether or not there is a relationship. Information on this topic is why I was searching when I came across your site. A brother died 1 1/2 years ago. He was paranoid schizophrenic. There are still problems to contend with and I am trying to learn all I can on the subject. But many, even ministers, do not want to discuss it and there is not much in print that is middle of the road, so to speak. It is either avoided or denied, or every bad habit is called a demon that needs to be cast out.

I would appreciate some input, but I understand that your time is limited. Thank you.

Janice >>



Blessings and greetings!

I was only too glad to write to your friend...it was my joy to encourage her and just say what the Holy Spirit told me to say.

Concerning your question. No, there is nothing on my site that I recollect speaks directly to your question (actually, this email and my answer with your name and email address excluded may be a good addition to my Information Resource Center).

However, yes, I believe that some mental illness is a direct result of demonic possession or oppression. However, the key word there is SOME. Some mental illness can be a result of genetics; some from chemical imbalance but I do hold to the belief that all of mankind's problems stem either directly or indirectly from the Garden (the fall of man in Genesis 3).

It is certain that Jesus was facing a full-blown case of demonic possession when He came upon the demon possessed man in Mark 5. Notice that verse 15 says that once the man was delivered, clothed and that he was in his "right mind". I have often wondered just how many devils would be cast out and how many people would be set free if knowledgeable, Spirit-led Christians could be turned loose in mental wards. In the case in Mark 5 I believe we see a man totally out of his mind touched by God's power and immediately restored.

It is tragic that so many ministers today do as you say - avoid this area. Jesus certainly wouldn't have. Where is our authority in Christ I wonder...simply in our comfort zone or our college degrees? Hardly.

I am not a medical doctor and certainly have no desire to psychoanalyze a person. I believe God has every answer we need and His Spirit can lead us either to a doctor or an altar for help (God knows we ALL need the altar, amen?)

Let me say also that I am deeply sorry about your brother. That is a deep burden to carry.

God bless you Janice. I hope that helps you sort out some things.

My best, in Him,

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