The New World Order:

Why YOU Need to Know

by Eric Barger

Recently I was challenged to defend something that I have taught, preached
and reasoned about with audiences hundreds of times across North America - the
need to recognize and deal with the facts surrounding the New World Order.
The day after a weekend of seminars in Oregon, I happened to meet a well-
meaning lady whose son and daughter-in-law had been to one of my meetings.
They were not yet Christians and were totally taken off-guard by my topic and
information. Though she had not heard me speak, the mother began to take me
to task because I had, in her words, "scared the daylights out of the kids."
Evidently, just the thought of a "New World Order" had frightened them; and
not understanding the first thing about Bible prophecy and end-times events,
they went to her and began questioning her profusely about what I had said and
the documentation I had presented. The mother was very disturbed that I had
somehow damaged her witnessing efforts with the kids.

Naturally, I would be grieved if anyone has a problem with my presentations,
conclusions or research - especially if they haven't even heard me. As much
as it bothers me, I know that people are going to hear and remember only what
they want to. This fact is particularly true and becomes exaggerated when the
information being presented either challenges someone's lifestyle or deals
with events, such as the New World Order, that are being twisted or hidden by
a biased media. I know some folks are just going to dismiss any talk about
the New World Order because it is foreign and frightening to them. They just
don't want to deal with it. However disturbing it may be, the consequences of
ignorance hold a high price. Tragically, most would rather not know about
these things but ignorance is never bliss concerning spiritual matters. I
sensed that this was the case as I talked with the mother in Oregon that day.

I began to reason with her that I always strive to be balanced and
continually bring in the hope that we have in Jesus Christ. I granted her
that at first glance the truth about what those behind the New World Order
plan to do can be shocking. In the beginning, I was greatly disturbed by the
knowledge that I began to digest concerning the New World Order. It wasn't
long however, that I realized how vitally important this information was to
the Church. I felt then, and now even more so, that every Christian - make
that every person - should know what is happening. After all, the globalists'
well oiled plans to destroy our personal and national sovereignty and deliver
us into a totalitarian world government, economy and religion stand to affect
every one of us, our families and our nation. Furthermore, they are counting
on an ignorant, unsuspecting populace to make their plans succeed.

Understanding the New World Order is to some like a harsh medicine. It tastes
unbelievably horrible at first, but without the knowledge and forethought
concerning it, the results may prove to be tragic. Still, this lady, and
sadly many others, do not see it this way.

Since coming to grips with the smoothly orchestrated, mega-funded movement
that strives to unite mankind into a geopolitical one-world state, I have done
every thing within my power to "cry aloud," teaching and warning about the New
World Order. While we know that the prophecies of Revelation 13 about a one
world government, religion and economy are eventually going to be fulfilled, I
believe that the church praying effective, warfare-style prayers may overt or
at least hold off the current push toward globalism.

The church is to stand against evil in whatever form it appears. We cannot
fatalistically sit back and rest. Just because God's word tells of an
impending antichrist system, we are not to applaud it when we see it coming!
On another note, knowledge and revelation concerning the New World Order is a
fantastic tool to use in witnessing Christ to the lost. No generation has
been able to use the news headlines and the Bible succinctly to prove that God
is allowing what He said would be. As we stand against the New World Order we
can be guaranteed that souls will be won to Christ. We have God's word on it.
Also, perhaps God will choose to hold back the forces of darkness a little
while longer. One thing is for certain; if we don't stand and pray against
it, and choose to remain ignorant, we'll have no right to complain when it
comes upon us. Of all the important issues that face us today, this is why I
believe it is the single most vital one to which we should alert the church in
the hour in which we live.

"The New World Order"...I thought it was crazy too, but...

I can understand how people can feel skeptical about this issue. Since we
are not being warned through conventional channels about globalism and being
that we live in relatively free nations, initially it does sound far out.
Anyone who has heard me speak about the New World Order has heard me talk
about the "lunatic file." Years ago, when I was focusing solely on today's
music and entertainment I would mention, in passing, the New Age Movement.
These references to the New Age began to generate much research coming my way,
some credible, some not. In my ignorance concerning globalism, I looked with
skepticism at anything that smacked of a conspiracy; and 99 times of 100
dismissed it as "quack" stuff. My summary dismissal was usually aided by the
disposition and personality of some of those who presented me with documents.
There were times I felt as if I was in a James Bond novel because of the way
the information was passed to us. Also, it was easy to dismiss the New World
Order. After all, Dan Rather wasn't reporting on it, so it must not be much
to worry about. My, how things change!

Today, much of the "fringe, lunatic stuff" that found its way to the "lunatic
file" just a few years ago is now a part of my seminars and writing. At least
much of what I thought was absurd is now verifiable repeatedly through highly
credible and documentable sources such as Larry Burkett, Pat Robertson, Peter
LaLonde, Harry Figgee, Gary Kah, Don McAlvany and others. Maybe this is one
of the ways that God has chosen to humble me. No maybes - I know it is.

I was a skeptic too. When I began searching for truth concerning the New
World Order and globalism, I didn't find what I wanted to find. However, I
had been given enough documentation from a variety of sources that just
wouldn't let me continue to ignore or deny the existence of a movement that I
now know is thriving right under our noses. What I wanted to find was
nothing. Believing there is no threat, no corruption, no collusion, no
conspiracy, and no demonic empowering concerning the New World Order is much
more convenient than facing reality. Most American and Canadian Christians
are tragically right where I used to be - ignorant or in a state of denial.
And if we are, what chance do those outside of Christ have in fighting and
surviving the push for globalism? Logically, no Bible-believing Christian
should have trouble believing in a conspiracy or worldwide movement to
consolidate the centers of power under central rule. No one who loves their
country and the personal, corporate and religious freedom ordained by the U.S.
Constitution and the Canadian Charter wants to believe that the New World
Order is real. I only wish that the New World Order wasn't the threat that it
really is, but it is and it's not going to go away. To be armed with
understanding and a plan is the key to survival. Either we're going to be
victims needing the hospital, as it were, "destroyed for our lack of
knowledge" or we are going to be victors, ministering to those caught by
surprise when the plans of the globalists come home to roost in our homes,
churches, cities, and nation.

Yes, the New World Order is coming, but we must not become consumed with
worry. Scripture says, "The Lord foils the plans of the nations; He thwarts
the purposes of the peoples. But the plans of the Lord stand firm
forever...We wait in hope for the Lord; He is our help and our shield." (Psalm
33:10, 11a, 20) Truly, our hope is in the Lord. He hasn't given us the
spirit of fear but of power, love and soundness of mind (II Tim. 1:7). The
New World Order can do nothing unless God allows it. Neither Satan, nor his
workers, can advance one step without the permission of the Father. It is our
Lord that will give us the strength, ingenuity and insight to lead our
families and churches in these troubled days.

What about the mother in Oregon? I hurried to my car and brought her back a
set of my tapes on the New World Order, a copy of Gary Kah's book En Route to
Global Occupation
. She accepted them and promised to listen and read. I'm
praying now that not only she, but her son and daughter-in-law, will come to
grips with this important issue and that somehow God will use this "divine
appointment" to bring her to a stronger relationship with Him and her loved
ones to the Cross. Now, what will your response be?

Eric Barger 1996, 1998