What’s Wrong With "Philadelphia II"?

The Truth About Sen. Mike Gravel’s plan, Globalism and the New World Order

By Eric Barger

A startling headline from the February 16, 1994 Kansas City Star read; "Ex-Senator Backs World Government, Missouri chosen as site for drive to pass a new constitution." Ex-U.S. Senator Mike Gravel (D-Alaska) is heading a non-profit group called "One World" which is seeking to get voter approval (by signature petition) to place an initiative on the ballot in Missouri and California this November. Though touted as merely a "world meeting" to discuss common problems, and using a title that has a ring of ultra-patriotism, the initiative known as "Philadelphia II" strikes at the heart of American sovereignty. Ideas like this have flourished as of late; but this one is well funded, has at least six field offices, and should be taken seriously by anyone who truly loves his/her freedoms and the Constitution that granted them. In essence, should Philadelphia II pass in Missouri and California, it could begin a chain of events that could catapult the World into mass globalism.

Who is Right - Jefferson or Gravel?

The first question that goes through any patriotic American’s mind is, "What’s wrong with our present Constitution?" According to Gravel, our U.S. Constitution was flawed from the beginning and he’s got a better idea. However, just as with the insane passage and signing of some treaties with the United Nations by sending delegates to a world constitutional meeting, there would be little guarantee that in time our present system of government, democratic rule, personal freedoms, and free-market system would remain intact. In fact, in a lengthy paper called "Questions and Answers on Philadelphia II", Gravel states that "the convention (called for in the referendum) could well produce a constitution that requires major constitutional changes in participating nation-states."

Anyone disgruntled with our current system of government may see Philadelphia II as an alternative. Gravel seems very apt in painting a picture that Philadelphia II would be great for the common man - a real friend of the "little guy". However, the results of a world government would do just the opposite. Supposedly, Philadelphia II would be the mechanism to solve age-old problems and bring us the elusive dream of world peace. Before jumping to that conclusion and signing the petition, let’s examine in more depth its founder, platform and the key question never raised by the media that soundly defeats this as not just a flawed idea but a disastrous one.

Philadelphia II Promoting Deception

Section 608 (c) of Philadelphia II states: Board of Directors: The AEA (American Electoral Administration shall be governed by a Board of Directors...The following persons are appointed to the Board of Directors of the American Electoral Administration:

At this point Philadelphia II lists group and leaders such as:

- President, Southern Baptist Convention

- President, National Association of Evangelicals

- President, The Conservative Caucus

- President, U.S. Catholic Conference

Alongside these Christian and conservative groups on the list are the likes of the ACLU, PAW, Sierra Club, Amnesty International and Green Peace. Whether conservative or liberal, when these groups were contacted about being listed by Gravel and Philadelphia II, all of the aforementioned had no knowledge that they had been invited, let alone had accepted such board membership. Even most of the leftist organizations were very disturbed about such use of their names and influence. Most began immediately preparing a response disassociating themselves from Gravel and Philadelphia II. This obvious breach of honesty certainly makes one wonder about the integrity of a man and movement that are asking the voters to do something as serious as to surrendering their U.S. Constitutional rights.

There seems to be a lack of character here. In an editorial column, the Anchorage Daily News chided Gravel for not bothering to even come back to Alaska after losing his U.S. Senate seat in 1981. The folks in Alaska knew him well, as he served as Speaker in the Alaska House of Representatives before becoming a U.S. Senator. According to the Daily News, you can also count on Mike Gravel to be an extreme hyper-environmentalist, an ultra-pacifist and egotist who went so far as to nominate himself to be vice president at the Democratic National Convention! Perhaps the country is fed up with what they got by voting in Bill Clinton and Al Gore - earth worshippers with no absolutes and no character. If not, Mike Gravel would make a great "King of the World".

Philadelphia II is Steeped in New Age Thought

Among other far-out statements, in a press release dated January 27, 1994 for Mike Gravel’s visit to Kansas City promoting the Philadelphia II referendum, Gravel, seemingly endorsing eastern monism, states: "Our planet is a living organism."

Accompanying the promotional packet sent to State Farm Insurance agents in Missouri by Don S. Kemner (Chesterfield Director of Philadelphia II) is the following prayer. Its title and author(s) is "Philadelphia II - Instrument of Peace Prayer" by Don H. Kemner via Sen. Mike Gravel.

O Great Spirit of Peace

...in the Universe...

awaken in us sensitivity to

human citizenship

in Earth community

as the nurturing embrace

for a mutually enhancing

global, national and state citizenship...

May we realize in celebrating

Philadelphia II

in Missouri, California and throughout the World

we are acting globally in this local act of world citizenship...


The Fatal Flaw of a One-World Government

In an interview in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, February 23, 1994, Gravel states that a world government could "end the anarchy" of constant conflict among nations. Such a system, he maintains, could "put a crimp into dictatorships and authoritarian governments". In reality, the exact opposite is true. Here’s why.

As mentioned before, there is one line of thought consistently ignored by the media concerning any idea of a one-world government. By design, the establishment "insiders" within the press never raise questions when leaders such as Bush, Clinton, Gorbachev and others promote the New World Order. The newsmen seem to sit in awe that the coming global oneness is dawning and they are assisting it. No editor seems to oppose the New World Order, so the viewer/reader gets only psychological promotion of globalism, while patriotism is spurned as outdated. Herein lies the fatal flaw that many who trust CNN, NBC, CBS and the mainstream media may never discern. A collective government, such as suggested by Philadelphia II, would undermine, severely handicap and eventually destroy our current system of checks and balances between nations. This system of "watch thy neighbor" isn’t perfect but it is the best that mankind is going to have short of the Millennium spoken of in the Bible.

Are we yearning so for peace that we are willing to abandon common sense, reason, freedom and sovereignty to get it? Some would bemoan us as war-mongers to think this way. But no, we just love our country and its freedoms. As it is now, should a country or Hitler-like leader commit an act of aggression against its neighbors he/it can be stopped. Other nations, such as the Allies in World War II, join together to stop those with evil intentions. Conflict isn’t nice, but it is sometimes needed.

The idea of any governing body possessing insurmountable power should frighten us all. Those who understand freedom and autonomy do not support the United Nations, due to its globalist intent. Now Mike Gravel is asking us to vote for a system which he says will do what the U.N. can’t? And here is the real catcher. If a New World Order/one-world system should emerge, and should it command (through treaties or through vote) such economic power and military might and then became dictatorial, tyrannical and evil - who would then overthrow it? The U.N. is well on the way to this horrendous conclusion. Philadelphia II intends to try and manipulate the ballot system - the very one that is in place to protect against what Philadelphia II stands for - destruction of our nation and freedoms. As Gravel states: "This (Philadelphia II) is a total end-run around governments." (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, February 23, 1994) This should disturb us all.

What Should Our Response Be?

Though Philadelphia II may be rejected in either the initiative stage or at the polls in November, do not expect it and other similar efforts to cease. Gravel has been working on Philadelphia II since 1987 and it would seem certain that someone is out there cooking up something more dangerous right now. Socialism - world socialism - is the goal of many in our culture today. Whether for innocent reasons or for sinister, the delusion that a world governing body would somehow solve the problems of mankind sounds good, but simply will not work. Is this fatalism? No! It is realism. As long as there is sin in the hearts of men; as long as man excludes the Lordship of Jesus Christ; as long as man believes that man is all man needs, this world will have no true, lasting peace. It is only when people humble themselves before the Lord that men find tranquility, purpose and meaning. The only global system that will succeed will be led by the King of Kings, Jesus Christ. Philadelphia II is destined to fail. We must pray that it does so before getting started. We must alert every voter to reject the Philadelphia II ballot petitions being circulated both in Missouri, California and the other states Gravel has said are next (Washington, Oregon and Hawaii). It is my prayer that the reader understands that it will be a system such as this that claims to be the only answer, but is doomed in future days under the hand of Antichrist.


Eric Barger 1994, 1997

Author's Note: The Philadelphia II initiative failed to make the ballot (lack of signatures) in Missouri in 1994. We applaude the voters of Missouri but warn that the backers of the petition were very vocal about continuing their drive for globalism through Philladelphia II. California was named as possibly their next objective.

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